Sibling Complex

1835730_1280x720You know, I think America has something I like to call a ‘sibling’ complex. Basically, I think she’s like an older sibling….. to herself, if that makes any sense. Think about it for a sec.

So, I know quite a few families with lots of kids (mine included). They tussle, fight, call each other names, and that doesn’t make them look very caring at all. It makes them look dysfunctional. But, as soon as one of them gets hurt or picked on, bam! The other is there to hold them up. It’s the whole, ‘Only I can call my brother/sister names’ thing.

I think America has a sibling complex. We argue, fight, protest, and talk politics till the cows come home. And then some! But as soon as we’re threatened, or get brought into a fight, we’re one mind, one heart, one mission. Help America live.

After all, a country is really just a large family. And it wouldn’t be a normal family if we didn’t get into arguments, or debates, or even all-out fights. We just need to remember the big picture. An argument over the Presidency isn’t the end of America. Heck, Ulysses Grant was a terrible President. He almost resurrected the Civil War! But we’re still standing, we still hold onto the American Dream, even if it’s getting buried under too much arguing. We’re stronger than we look, people. We just need to keep in mind that ‘Only I can call my brother/sister names,’ doesn’t mean we should. Sure, it’s alright to have a little bit of tension, but have you ever seen a large family work together? It’s worth putting aside a small opinion.

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