American Phrase Friday


This poem was written by my mother, Pam Bruns, in response to the separation of families at our border.



“Lo siento me hijo y hija.


Lo siento. Grief makes waves in torrents 

But your screams were wrapped in red tape and hidden in a canyon

Created by your own tears. 


Lo siento little one. I did not hear. I did not see. But now I do. 

Your deep canyon made an echo. Your tears changed the landscape. 

And shame settled as dust from the long road you walked. 


Lo siento niños. There is no place for shame to hide. 

And aching hearts must bear up under such destruction. 

Perhaps the wrong may yet be righted. 


Lo siento.”


Lo siento, little ones! I pray to God that you will see your families again, and that this madness will end soon. I am sorry, little ones. We are sorry.


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