Busy Busy Busy….. Too Busy?

businessbusy-1-750x400We’re busy. Very busy. Some of you might be reading this post later in the week because you couldn’t even finish your cup of coffee Monday morning. If that’s the case, and you came back, great! Thank you! If it is Monday morning, and you are sitting at your computer reading this, thank you for making me a part of your beginning-of-the-week craze. You rock!

Anyway, back to the post. America is a very driven country. Almost every time we’ve set our mind to something, we’ve done it. “I am convinced that we will reach the moon in this decade…” You know what I’m talking about. But I feel, and bear in mind that this is my personal opinion, that the flip side of all this drive and future-building stuff is harmful. In decent amounts, yes. It’s great. But when it becomes an obsession, and all we strive for or think about is reaching that next moon, we lose something. We become zombie-like, hungering for one thing and oblivious to everything else. We get lost in our crazed yearning for the wonders of tomorrow, not today.

It’s not a crime to take every now and then and just…. smell the roses. It’s not illegal to keep an evening clear because  you want to treat yourself and eat some chocolate, then go to bed early.  Yes, the future is always shifting. It’s not a constant. One moon that was within reach yesterday might not be tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean we have to push for it 24/7. Yes, it’s always shifting, but it’s also always there. It can wait a day or two for you to take a breather.

Constantly moving doesn’t mean you’ll reach the moon faster. It means you’ll reach it, but you will have missed the stars.


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