foodFood is great. It really, really is. Who doesn’t like to go out to eat, or dish up a bowl of ice cream? I grew up in the South, and some of the many foods that I ate while I was down there were hush puppies, venison, and crab (that last one was REALLY south. Key West, to be exact.). And then I’ve also lived in New York, which is very proud of its pizza. And with good reason, the stuff’s delicious. Also bagels. Those are really popular there as well.

None of these foods make anybody think America, though. Pizza is about as far from American culture as you can get, it’s Italian! And then crab is from the Pacific Islands. You get my point.

America is one of the only places you can eat a dish from the Pacific Islands for lunch, and then have Chinese or Mexican for dinner. We’re a melting pot of culture, and that means our food as well. There is no one style of food that strikes people as American, because none of it is.

We’re all American. That doesn’t mean that we dress a certain way, act a certain way, or eat a certain kind of food. It meas that we’re all connected by the same dream, the same vision. America’s culture isn’t just one thing, nothing in America is just one thing, which means that we all fit in.

Just like crab and pizza.


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