It was the Best of Times, it was the Worst of Times….


Yeah, I know. Dickens wasn’t American, but he was an amazing author. And he had a point. Right now…. yes. Things are bad. It doesn’t matter where you stand on certain political issues, or when you think the Third World War will take place, things suck. It’s the ‘worst of times’.

And then there are leaps in technology, wonderful acts of human love, courage, generosity. There are moments that make you sit back and think, “Man. Life is good.” Then it’s the ‘best of times’.

It’s always the ‘best of times, the worst of times’. No period is ever perfect, and no period is ever without the moments that make it special. In the good ‘ole days, bad things were still happening.

Chris Rice wrote a song called 8th Grade. In it, one of the chorus lines is, “Why does the past always seem safer? / Maybe because at least we know we made it.” Yes, we made it. We made it out of the worst of times. Who says we can’t do it again? Who says that the American Dream isn’t what it was? It’s ALWAYS the worst of times, and it’s ALWAYS the best of times. Life isn’t going to be perfect, not by a long shot. But we can own it, and we can share the best of times with everyone. Things are always bad. But you know what?

We always come out stronger.


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