American Line Dancing

Quite a few people, (myself included) tend to think that our nation doesn’t have much…..culture, if you know what I mean. Sadly, most of the indigenous cultures were ignored as we plowed through America, and we’re too young to have anything that makes people say, “That’s America. That’s her.”

Except we do. I was talking with my parents yesterday, and the conversation drifted to line dancing. It’s uniquely, 100% American. Not because we’re the only country that does it, although that part’s true, but it reflects us. Think about it! America is build on team work, on every person helping the other. In line dancing, you can do it by yourself, but it doesn’t look as good. Yeah, we can do all of our amazing things on our own, but we all know that it doesn’t work that well.

In line dancing, every one is doing the same thing. The same thing. That’s it. But it looks so cool! And it’s because all the dancers are working together, because none of them are clamming the spotlight. Line dancing is American, not only in where it’s preformed, but what it is.


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