Learning in the U.S.

636096913775397104-1736597709_learningI work at a library. One of the parts of this job is processing, or getting books ready to be checked out. Recently I was working on a decent sized student encyclopedia. It had everything in it. Trains? Got you covered. What about ancient Rome? No problem. Or what about something a little more random, like hot air balloons? Check! And then I realized yet another wonderful thing about American culture.

We LOVE teaching! For illustration: I went through a phase where I wanted to go into script writing. I am by no means a movie nerd, and I didn’t know a single thing about what went into making a movie, so I looked it up. Everything I could want to learn was right there at my fingertips. It didn’t matter that I was fifteen and couldn’t tell you the first thing about how script submissions worked, I found what I needed. I found what I needed because someone took the time to write about what they know, and to do it in such a way that I, with my limited experience, could understand. You know what? I can tell you how script submissions work now. Because someone wanted to teach what they know to a stranger.

People in America are always making it easier for the next generation to learn something. We’re…. what…. the twentieth generation of Americans? That means that we have twenty stinkn’ generations of people who have been teaching us to stand on. And now that we have things like Google, we can find all that information in an instant!

In America, it’s very, very easy to learn something. Anything. Anything you want. Our predecessors want to teach us, books about history and science are screaming to be read, things that took America hundreds of years to find out you can learn in a free, five minute lecture from YouTube. The sky is the limit for Generation Z, let’s see if we can push past the horizon!


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