Never Give Up


Yeah, yeah. It’s cliché. Hold on! Keep going! You’ll come out stronger! What does that even mean?

Our country is the land of the free and the home of the brave because our leaders NEVER GAVE UP. Everyone listens to popular bands because the lead singers NEVER GAVE UP. Actors like Chris Pratt are now famous and praised because they NEVER GAVE UP. You see new books in print because the author NEVER GAVE UP. You have a brand-new phone because engineers NEVER GAVE UP. Never giving up is different for different people, but it follows the same pattern.

A person sees a goal, a dream, and they go for it. So far so good. Then they get knocked to the ground by (fill in the blank). Then the person does one of two things. One, they can stop while they’re ahead and find a safer goal to chase. Or they can get back up, dust themselves off, try again, then get knocked back to the ground. Yikes.

It’s the last few who end up standing, shinning, before all the world. I know I use mountains in metaphors quite a bit, but that’s because they work so well. Our lives our mountains. You can give out at a large, safe cliff and spend the rest of your days wondering what the top looks like, or you can scrape your skin, hit your head, sleep on ledges no bigger than twin sized matresses, and then see the world from the top of who you are. That’s what I think never giving up means, it means not stopping your hike until you reach the top of your mountain. It might be a degree, it might be raising a family. Heck, it might be the surviving the ACT. No matter what happens to us, let’s go down in history as the generation that NEVER GAVE UP. On anything, or anyone.


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