Little Things


This is just something that I have become more and more aware of recently: the little things matter. I cringe at how cliché that sounds, but they do. The little things matter. I have stressed the freedom we American teens have of carving amazing futures for ourselves using what our country has given us, but I’ve come to realize that the big futures aren’t the only things waiting for us over the horizon of 21.

Some of us are going to shine out as figures in history, and some aren’t. That’s okay. Great, even. If every single plant on this earth were as tall and grand as the red oaks in California, then we’d never find a bouquet of flowers, and the bees wouldn’t be able to make honey. If all the stars were suns, the heat would kill us. If every rock was a diamond, we’d throw them away faster than you could say Jack Rabbit.  What I’m trying to say is that, if you want to live a quiet life with the ones you love, that’s not a bad thing. I think that the Incredibles summed this up pretty well. “When everyone’s super, no one will be.”

The giants of our country can’t stand without the help of the citizens, the flowers are just a beautiful as the trees, the stars make shapes the sun could only dream of. Even if we’re never famous, even if people never know our names, or remember who we are years after we’re gone, we will have helped the next famous person onto their mountain by just…… being. We don’t need to be big, or rich, or powerful to make a difference. We can do that right here, right where we are in the middle of this big, famous country. We don’t need to be important to matter.

I’m not saying that we should give up on our dreams of Olympic gold, or seeing your name in print, or hearing a song you wrote on the radio. Those dreams are beautiful. But, if you don’t have a dream like that, you’re not ‘messed up’, you don’t need to be big to shine. So just….. be. And don’t worry!


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