Cookie Cutter Personalities

cookiecutters_all_1024x1024The nerd. The flirt. The jock. The loner. The bookworm. The student. Cookie-Cutter Personality. The ones you read about, the ones you hear people talk about. Oh, you never miss a Yankee game? You’re a sports buff! You dress conservatively? Home schooled/sheltered. I know you already!

You and I both know that that’s not true. Our tvs and books scream so, they’re shouting it in our faces. But we know that there is more to a stranger than meets the eye. Cookie Cutter Personalities exist, they’re referenced, even taken advantage of. But they’re not us. They don’t have to be us.

Here in America, in this amazing and beautiful country, we all know that each person is someone. That they have a life, surprises, stories, things that make them 100% them. Nothing about us is factory-made! If you see someone that’s different, we don’t freak because we can’t find a label for them! We think, “That’s them, I’m me. We don’t have to be the same.”

Too much of the same makes me think of the droid army from the Star Wars Prequels. They’re not alive, they don’t have feelings, dreams, or aspirations that only they can achieve. They were pre-programmed for one role, and one role only. Never any more or less. Americans? We can soar with eagles, we can fall into the depths of the sea, and no one thinks that’s who we are. We’re free to live; to explore and find what our life is made of. Sure, we might cookie-cutter ourselves a bit. I enjoy reading, that doesn’t mean that all I’ll ever be is a bookworm. We can just…… live. We can be us, and no one judges it. I’m me, you’re you, and we’re beautiful the way we are.


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