Olympic America


opening-ceremony-team-usaWell, here we are. We are on the other side of the 2018 Winter Olympics. To be completely honest, I couldn’t watch all of it, so I won’t be able to reference all those ‘rewind’ moments, but we don’t even need to have watched them to know what they mean.

This year America had the biggest team ever to attend the Winter Olympic Games. 244 men and woman walked around the Olympic torch, waving our flag, and representing our nation. They were our best, and they are living proof of the American Dream. They were made of people who had fought to be there, to prove they were the best in the world. They earned every moment, every flip, every slide, every pirouette, every breath of being there. Everyone knows about Shaun White. His injury, his amazing comeback. Red Gerrard made bars and ramps with scraps in his backyard.  Lindsey Vonn learned how to ski in a cow pasture.

This is what America is; this is who we are! We are fighters. We see a goal, and we run to it, no matter what. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about us, or our dreams, we can show them what we are made of. Our Founding Fathers knew that, if they signed the Declaration of Independence, the British would kill them the first chance they got. No one had broken from the Empire before, no one wanted to help the first Americans. So we said, “Alright, we’ll win anyway.” We rolled up our sleeves, polished our squirrel guns, and went to fight a war everyone told us we couldn’t win. Look where we are now.

Every single one of us has that ability, that ability to wear gold on your chest after the world told you, “You’re crazy for even trying.” We try. We fall. We try again. We fall again. We don’t stop trying.

Then we win. We wear gold, we pledge allegiance to our flag. A flag everyone said was impossible. Look where we are now and look what we’ve done despite the world saying, “No.” What else can we do? What else can we do to show the world who we are? Let’s push our limits again and show them. Again.


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