The Influence of Sci-Fi on our Future


OsmeoI’m a huge Star Trek fan. Next Gen is my favorite, and my little brother and I sci-five with the ‘live long and prosper’ hand symbol. The stuff’s fun…… and fake. Unfortunately. But, at the same time, it’s very real. Star Trek, episode one, aired on television on September 8th, 1966. Everyone loved the futuristic technology, especially the communicators. Then, on April 3, 1973, the first cell phone graced this county. Coincidence?

In 2001, (the movie, not the year) there is a psycho A.I named Hal that tries to kill everybody on the spaceship that the movie takes place in. Presto! Siri is now available! Also, the Watson A.I is in the works, too! iPads? You can thank Star Trek again. Hard drives? Star Wars! What about robots? Pretty much every show, A-list or less, that involved the future. We are bringing Sci-fi to our day and age, and, with each step that we take in the future’s direction, it takes a step back.

Teleportation, floating cars, cures for cancer, light speed, personal A.I assistants, robots, holograms, it’s always one step away. That’s it…. just one step. We are shaping our futures in our TVs, and each time someone has looked at a show or movie and said, “Wow. That’s really neat!” we make it, then it’s no longer the future. We push our imaginations further, and then we push our minds to meet it. If Gene Roddenberry had thought of something a little different for communicators, say a wrist band, odds are that would be what we used. If George Lucas had thought of a different way for Leia to put the plans in R2-D2, we might not have invented floppy disks. Funny, isn’t it? Now, when we look at the world of Sci-fi today, we are getting a glimpse into our future. Personally, I hope A.I is a little further down the line than beaming, but it’s still coming. Now, to boldly go where no man has gone before………


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