The Happiness Folder Strategy


1Life sucks sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t. We all know this. We also know that, unless we want to make ourselves miserable, focusing on the bad stuff is…. well…. bad.  So we all remember the good stuff.

The A in Geometry, a casual complement, we all focus on these things when the going gets rough. But, if you’re like me, then there are days when you’re just fed up and can’t remember as many happy memories as you’d like.

My Mom is an amazing person and, several years ago, she gave me a really cool idea. We call it the Happiness Folder. Every time I receive a thoughtful note, or a good grade, or anything like that, it gets put in the Happiness Folder, which then gets referred to when yours truly has a terrible day. It’s amazing! Complements that I had forgotten I’d been given sit in there, and it’s wonderful to look at! I don’t go to it only on the bad days, either. It’s great to look at a great job review in the morning! It gives me that, “Yes, I can do it!” vibe, which is really awesome to feel on Mondays.

By focusing on all the good, instead of all the bad, it improves us as people. And it improves us as Americans. Just because people don’t like what we have to say doesn’t mean that others feel the same way about us. If we focus on all the good, the glass is half-full, and America is amazing. It does something to your worldview. I don’t know what, but remembering and sharing good to put in whatever kind of Happiness Folders we or our friends might have changes people.

Below I’ve shared a video that shows how awesome this is!


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