Cultural Music

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMusic has gone over many changes in the last decade. I mean, lots. Rock used to be what we now call ‘Soft Rock’, and Metal has gone through growth spurts, too. Country is different, Pop is different, everything’s just…… different. Different’ s not bad, it’s cool! Truthfully, I’d rather listen to Hunter Hays than Johnny Cash. But I Want Crazy (Hays) and Ring of Fire (Cash) are the same genre, even though they sound completely different.

During the many changed all genres have gone through, I’ll single out Country for the sake of discussion, we’ve gained a lot, but also lost a lot. Over the past ten years some genres were completely swallowed into a category, such as Blue Grass. It got pulled right into Country, which was then affected by Pop and Rock artists, and so Blue Grass was left in the dust. The cultural music genres of our Nation have been swallowed into the bigger, broader genres, leaving almost no breathing space for them to grow.

But, excitingly, that was in the past. Cultural music in America is making a comeback, and it’s so cool! Our peers are learning to fiddle like Cowboy Copus, to pick at a guitar like George Jones, to find their fingers flying over a harmonica like numbers others!  And, to cap it all off, some instruments that haven’t seen a stage light in decades are being played in Talent Shows, and put into albums. The music of our past, of our pioneering days, of the Anti-Bellum South, of the Gold Rush, it’s all coming back! We’re tasting the songs and listening to the tunes that were being sung during the childhood of our Country. Even if you don’t like old music, and it’s fine if don’t, you’ve got to admit that the fact that these songs are generations old, yet still making their voices heard, is absolutely amazing!


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