Lost Art

washington_leutzeHave you ever gone to a museum with artifacts from around the eighteen-hundreds? Art, furniture, dresses, that sort of thing? Did you stop and think, “Gee. It’s a pity we’re not making stuff like that anymore.”? Well, you want to know why we’re not making stuff like that anymore? We came to the conclusion that we didn’t need our things to be beautiful, or even hand-made. But, then, you can enjoy something without needing it. You don’t need to draw or play an instrument or sports, but you do it. Why? Because it’s fun, and we like it.

But art, true, beautiful, awe-provoking art, is dying in our nation. I’m not just talking about paintings, although those are included in that statement. I’m talking about welding, charcoal sketching, writing music, carving, making clothes, glass blowing, masonry, and gourd art. (Yeah, that last one’s a thing. My sister’s really good at it. Here’s a link to show you how awesome it is.) https://www.flickr.com/photos/141148183@N08/albums

We are losing our art. It’s dying. We’re killing it. You want to see stuff being made like that again? Then go find someone who knows how to do it and ask them to teach you. I’m sure they’d love to show someone their work! You know why? The people who still know how to do these things also know that they need to pass the torch on to our generation, otherwise their craft will be lost. Wouldn’t it be sad if, a few years down the road, your child’s thought isn’t “It’s a pity we’re not making stuff like that anymore,” but has turned into, “It’s a pity we forgot how to make stuff like that.”

So, try and figure out how to make hand-held fans, how to create jewelry, how to pen calligraphy. Like I said Wednesday, libraries can tell you anything. If you come to a draw, then ask around! You’ll be surprised what you can find in your community. If we want to see the kind of art you see behind glass and guards in museums return to our country, then we need to make it. You know you can, and America isn’t going to fix herself. We can bring the lost arts back, we make her a land of beauty and talent once again.


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