College is a big deal, right? I mean, all of our years in High School seem to be preparing us for the big bad world of Universities and such, so it must be important. What with the ACT, college prep classes, it’s nautral to think that going to college is the only way to go in life if you want to make a decent living. Well, I am going to bust your bubble……Wrong! Well, kinda.

The reason people go to college is to prep themselves for a career that they already have an idea about. You don’t get your High School Diploma, choose the college with the coolest mascot, then cross your fingers convince yourself that what’s going to happen to you was meant to happen. That is a REALLY BAD idea. I mean REALLY bad. If your dream job does not involve calligraphy on parchment in a frame, then don’t get it!

There are amazing, wonderful jobs in this Nation that do not involve graduating from college. And, you know what? The college fever has killed most of these! Construction workers, carpenters, all of the craftsmen jobs are open! And, you know what? You’d make more money drilling a road then teaching a class of fourth graders with thirty thousand dollars of student loan debt hanging over your back.

Don’t get me wrong, college is great, I’m planning on going! But, if you don’t need it, why go? Why put yourself through all that stress just to go with the flow? Sadly, America has given us Gen-Xers the idea that going to college will get you the best jobs, the best pay, the best life. Ummmm, no. You can get amazing jobs right out of High School. You want to know another fun fact? Since so many people are ignoring the trade jobs, there are thousands out there! If you want to build skyscrapers, or carve beautiful statues, or make instruments, you can! Its not a ‘dumb’ job, only reserved for the fools who couldn’t tackle homework, they are just as challenging as any job that requires a degree. America is missing these people because we missed the big picture. Don’t you miss the big picture, too! If you want to go to college, great! Maybe I’ll see you there! If you don’t? Still great! Maybe you’ll save my life as a fire fighter, or make beautiful glass sculptures that people will be ooing and ahing at a hundred years from today. This country is famous for not having limits, let’s not limit ourselves now. COLLEGE-facebook



2 thoughts on “College?

  1. Well said! I agree; there are a lot of real neat trades and professions out there that require little college, and more hands on experience. For me, in particular, I’ve always found ironworking super fascinating!


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