New Rome

183479649-56a3ca0a3df78cf7727f2f21No, this post is not about Percy Jackson. Sorry. But, seriously, what do you think of when you think of Rome? Flowing togas? Amazing plays? Latin? Rome was amazing, no matter what it makes you think of. They constructed revolutionary buildings, amphitheaters, they created a concrete so strong, it’s still standing. They were the height of the known world. And, guess what’s even more awesome, our nation, America, is considered New Rome.

For illustration: During Rome’s glory days, they were considered the strongest Kingdom in the world. If you were educated, you spoke Latin. If you were really educated, you got caught up in the world of Roman science. If you wanted to move up in the world, or make a new start, you traveled to Rome. It was the heart of the world. Sound familiar yet? Well, it should. That’s America.

This is a good thing, right? Well, yes and no. The beauty of Rome, her learning, her power, was all seen in America, and note that I am using the word ‘was’, not ‘is’. This is where the not so great part is. Long story short, Rome tore herself apart in the 200s A.D. She got too big for her britches, and her culture started to decay. People quit carving those awe-inspiring statues, they stopped building new amphitheaters, they quit making beautiful art.

Sadly, we can see this in our county. Look at how we’ve changed over the last hundred years, guys! We’re falling apart at the seams; can’t we see it? Movies, songs, architecture, art, it’s all become less than what it was in 1918. Our culture has started to copy Rome’s fall, and we need to do something about it! And I don’t mean watch old movies, dress in a conservative manner, and quit using swear words. Those are all well and good, but it’s not the big picture.

If you sing, sing your heart out of your chest! Pour yourself into songs, write your own! Don’t sing what the country wants to hear, goodness knows music themes have become repetitive enough to drive anyone crazy. If you dance, or play sports, same thing! Push yourself to your limits. Show America that you’re there! Writers, write your mind, tell people what they need to hear, not what they want! Musicians, you can become the next Mozart! Mathematicians, architects, artists, builders, come out of the shadows! If you don’t have a hobby or dream, go find one! Make one! Guys, just because America doesn’t look like it wants or needs you, fill your life with accomplished dreams! If we can all do this, if we can push ourselves to greatness, we can escape Rome’s fate. She’s waiting for us at the bottom of this cliff; we need to stay airborne. And, if we fight for it, we can!


5 thoughts on “New Rome

  1. Wow, great blog! Very proud of you! Great thoughts, actually gave me goosebumps reading this, maybe our supreme leaders should take this to heart! You’re going to change the world someday! Keep it up!


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