Kaleidoscope of Culture

c9x4trk3yo1cwdeaqsmyCulture is the ‘personality’ of a country. If you see something that reminds you of a culture, then you connect it with that culture’s country. Simple. But, when you look at America, we don’t seem to have a culture. The indigenous cultures of the Americas were all but eliminated when European explorers made their mark, bringing with them their culture.  After that, people wanting a new start came to America, and ethnicity wasn’t a problem. The result seems like a tangled, weird blend of differences in the middle of an identity crisis. But it is so much more!

We don’t seem to have a single culture because we are made up of the worlds cultures. I’m sure you are familiar with siestas, or Tai Chi. Each of these are from cultures on opposite sides of the earth (Mexico and Japan), yet we never question the blend in our country. You can have a siesta at three then catch your Tai Chi class at four. No one bats an eye. That’s what our culture is; it is the blend of beauty from around the world, it’s a messy kaleidoscope of differences, a mix of China and Russia, Mexico and India, England and Africa, everything! You have the world in your city, your state, your nation, and that, in my opinion, is one of the most magical cultures in the world.


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