American Drive

45th-anniversary-apollo-11-launchAmerica is a great country, that’s not in debate. We have one of the most effective and efficient governments in history, our Middle Class is richer than over half the world, we’re strong, we’re smart, we’re the height of the West.

We didn’t become like this overnight, you know. We aren’t the country we are today because fifty-five men wanted to show England who’s boss, although that played a major part. We’re like this because we’re standing on our grandparent’s shoulders, who are standing on their great-grandparents’ shoulders, who are standing on their great-great-grandparents shoulders. Their accomplishments have carried this great nation into the sky and given us the wings that we can use to soar. So, why aren’t we seeing that? Why is the news filled with missile threats and war and poverty, instead of the joy that someone has found a cure for Aids? Or Cancer? Heck, we kicked Polio’s butt last century, why aren’t we flying anymore?

Our generation is missing the drive that propelled our ancestors to accomplish what their ancestors could only dream of, even if the latter had entertained ideas of rockets and cures. We need to find that drive again, hang onto it for our dear life, and let it take us where it needs to go.
Our country didn’t plant its flag on the moon because it wanted to. You can want anything, for crying out loud! Just because I want to be the next Tolkien doesn’t mean I’m going to wake up one day with an epic on the bookshelf and reporters begging for a hint at my outstanding success. It doesn’t work that way. Yes, the USSR played a major role in the motivation of our countries greatest minds, but that wasn’t it. Our leaders could have sat in their offices, twiddled their thumbs, done a Macaulay Culkin face, and exclaimed, “Oh, dear! Whatever shall we do!” Nope. Everyone got out of their comfy chairs and ran past the Soviets, toward the Horizon, shouting, “We’re going to beat ya, suckers!” even when we were falling behind. And, you know what? Shocker, we beat them.

We did all that because we wanted to. Because we saw a mountain and thought, ‘Yes. It’s going to be tough. We’re going to fall. We’re going to bleed. We’re going to push ourselves so hard, our hearts are going to break.’ But think, fellow Americans and teens, what it’s going to feel like when we plaint our flag on our moon! Think about what the world will say when they see us, when they see how we clawed our way back to our past greatness with our teeth and nails! Just because we are falling down a cliff doesn’t mean that we have to hit the bottom. We can show the world that we’re better than that, we can learn to fly again.

President Kennedy said in his famous Moon Speech, ‘We choose to do these things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” Guys, let’s push through the hard to our moon, for our country.


2 thoughts on “American Drive

  1. Well said! And I definitely agree regarding how we don’t seem to see this in the news. It’s not like I personally know enough to tell any news company what to report about, but the news does seem overwhelmingly negative. As much influence as they have, couldn’t news outlets go a long way in encouraging people and building them up if they weren’t so focused on the negative? Either way, I like this post.


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